Bride cancels invite of maid of honor for this reason

A bride has recently posted on the popular platform Reddit about her dilemma and asked users whether she did correct or wrong. Apparently, the bride had asked all the maid of honors to dress alike and she was the one who was sponsoring the dresses but one of the maids of honors bought her own dress, which then led to a quarrel. The bride ended up cancelling the wedding invite for that particular person. 

The bride wrote on the platform, “Due to COVID restrictions it was very difficult to find the right dresses since I didn’t want to risk going to a boutique together. But we made it work. Through lots and lots of back and forth, the bridesmaids and I all picked out matching dresses that fit everyone’s tastes. I made extra sure everyone was happy and then ordered the maroon dresses. Everyone got fitted separately and got alterations put down on my tab. Not a word of complaint, just excitement.” 

However, the maid of honor revealed to her over the message that she has bought her own choice of dress. “I told her that she cannot wear that to my wedding since a) already bought the actual dress at considerable expense b) I’m not exaggerating when I say it doesn’t fit. It’s a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, c) it looks terrible, she looks naked wearing it and I do not want that in my wedding photos. I then told her that she can wear the agreed-upon dress or pay me back for it. She blew up at me, calling me a bridezilla, for being controlling and unsympathetic to a college student. She said that if I’m going to be this obsessive then I’m better off not getting married at all since I’ll drive my fiancé away,” the bride added. 

The bride then said that she coldly asked her to not attend her wedding. “I got so angry I just coldly told her not to come to the wedding at all, and then hung up,” the bride reiterated. 

Well, users supported her stance.

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