Bride claims her parents ruined wedding due to dental reasons

Nobody desires to ruin anyone’s wedding but it takes place due to certain circumstances like medical reasons or others. Similarly, a lady posted on Reddit about how her step-daughter has been wishy-washy about them as according to her, they (her parents) ruined her wedding. 

The stepmother wrote in the group that she along with her husband were going to babysit their daughter’s kids but due to her husband’s dental issues, they couldn’t. Well, she expected that her stepdaughter would get sad about the whole issue but rather than being sad, she blamed her parents for everything and have now labeled them as bad people, parents, and whatnot. 

Apparently, the lady mentioned that they had to arrive two days before the wedding and look after the children and then look after them even after marriage because the stepdaughter wanted to spend quality time with her now, husband. The lady wrote, “If it sounds like my husband and I [are] more babysitters than parents of the brides, [sic] celebrating her big day, well that’s because it’s probably the case.” 

The lady’s husband underwent a dental surgery which didn’t work and he had to go for another operation. Perhaps, when they both called the daughter to explain the whole issue, they were heartbroken after listening to her response. “I knew my husband wouldn’t [be] suitable for the drive-in both his condition and with the pandemic. He also wouldn’t be [able to] handle 3 kids in a small apartment. Surely, he wouldn’t be able to get proper rest. I expected her to be hurt/angry, but not unhinged. A good solid 5 minutes he and I are getting called every name in the book. She goes on to say I plotted her dad against him and I hate her and did this purposely to ruin her wedding since no one else is willing to watch the little ones, now it will be her new husband’s job. Are we the–h—s?” 

Meanwhile, many users supported her stance, and many posed opposite to her stance. 


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