Job searching site shares possible obese model of future workers

As the pandemic has affected every person since the lockdown or shutdown was announced in many countries, the number of remote workers has doubled or tripled from any year so far. Precisely, experts had earlier predicted that the world would become a place for GIG workers, freelancers, or remote workers but experiencing this move wasn’t expected too soon.  

With the remote working conditions, many people have occupied themselves with bad habits of continuous sitting for many hours, eating bad food, and exercising less. In a move to make people realize that what possibly could be their condition post lockdown or after 25 years, a job discovery platform shared a special obese model named Susan. 

The possible reason for sharing Susan was to make people address and eradicate any other pandemic to come as many people restrain themselves from physical and mental activities. Eye strain, bad posture, weak immunity system, diabetes, and many others are some lifestyle conditions which people could possibly face if they won’t look beyond 9 to 5 jobs. 

Susan was built after collaborating with various psychologists and fitness experts to ensure that the image conveys a precise message to the employees. While talking to one of the media outlets, a spokesperson from the Job discovering site said, “With lockdown having forced people across the globe into what has been the world’s largest remote working experiment, our usual interpretation of the perk has been transformed forever. Whilst your bed-to-desk commute may allow for more free time and independence, will the physical repercussions to your mind and body be worth it in the future?”

Not only this, the site as well as shared positive tips to improve mental and physical health. Apparently, the site said that employees and workers should follow a discipline which they did during their physical office hours as performing every activity like walking, relaxing, working, and others, hold utmost importance. 


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