KidCaliMDMG Wants To Make Real Music With Human Connection

KidCaliMDMG was only 14 when he started working on music. He used to freestyle wherever possible including at many parties and events. He was fortunate to be surrounded by people who encouraged his talent. Today the artist has built his own flow and style. He says for him it was always about getting people to believe anything is possible they set their heart in and not about all things materialistic like fans, fame and money.

KidCaliMDMG intends to make real music full of stories and distinct flavour for the listeners. He says he wants to try and get the real music back that will have more stories for people to listen to. People’s reaction to his music inspires him to create more of it.

When listeners react well to his music, KidCaliMDMG knows he is creating something people can connect to. Thus he gets inspired to create more and bring more stories out. In the future he wants to keep creating and growing with his flow and style. People are the real test for him. He releases his music video every 2-3 weeks to gauge the audience’s connection. Their reaction serves as an inspiration for the next one.

KidCaliMDMG’s journey can be followed through his music and social media platform posts. The musician wants to serve his listeners the best of his work through his style and flow now and in future. For him his connection with people is his real cheque. KidCaliMDMG cannot wait for the listener’s to react to his latest music video.

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