Man creates huge number of desks to support students during online classes

A man or to say a dad in California built many desks as a way of rendering support to various students. According to reports, he has been a carpenter for over 2 decades and wanted to make his kids’ social distancing fruitful plus useful (as they used to stay away from each other in order to study during online classes and others). 

Mitchell Couch claimed that his kids usually used to study on tables and in order to give them better-studying experience, he built desks for them.

In an interview with one of the media outlets, Mitchell said, “Their school work was always all over the table and we were constantly having to move it, so I built some desks for my kids so they could have their own space. When I was building the second desk, I thought that others might benefit from knowing how to build their own desks. I did a quick Youtube video, and posted a few directions along with a materials list, hoping that it could help anybody out.” 

Mitchell also reiterated that he was offered support from other people as well who offered him to provide material and build desks for other students also. Since then, he has built around 35 desks for students and distributed it for free.

“Agriculture is huge in our area so we have a lot of farmworkers and there are families that are in need. I never would have imagined the reaction that I got. When I posted to Reddit I was able to answer a lot of questions. When I woke up the next morning I had hundreds of comments, questions, and messages from around the world,” he said. 

He also spoke about charity and doing good for others, at least neighbors, and said, “Sometimes we look at things on a national or worldwide level and it can bring us down. When you focus [on those] around you, you can have the greatest impact by just helping and being charitable with your neighbors and friends.”

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