Man says he was hurt by McDonald’s chicken nuggets

McDonald’s meals have been loved and finger-licked by almost everyone and with their high ratings, they’ve reached over a milestone which makes it difficult for any competition to cover. But, not every McDonald’s customer is happy, and here’s an example of that, a person is suing McDonald’s because he cracked one of his teeth due to the company’s chicken nuggets. He claimed that the nuggets have hurt him. 

Alexei Stolfat is definitely going on for a war with the company and has planned on getting $1.1 million as compensation because he believes that all nuggets should be rechecked and then be put out for sale. Also, he has claimed that he wouldn’t be keeping the money all by himself, rather, he would prefer to donate the lump sum amount to some charity. 

According to Alexei, he ordered the food from Uber Eats and after chewing it or, biting it, he felt a sudden pain that lasted for around 3 days. Apparently, when the pain didn’t shed away, he booked an appointment with a local dentist who then informed him about his tooth’s condition. As per his explanation, his tooth was cracked and he required surgery to fix that up. 

According to the sources, Alexei hasn’t hired any lawyer as of now and filed the lawsuit by himself. Also, in a statement recorded by one of the media outlets, the company said, “Providing safe, high-quality food is always a top priority. We take these claims seriously but as this is pending litigation, we cannot comment further at this time.”

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