Massachusetts customer assaults manager over fried rice

Well, a tip and fried rice can even lead to an assault and this proves that anything can turn a normal customer furious. In a recent incident, a woman slapped a restaurant’s manager in Massachusetts over a simple confusion on whether to leave a tip or not. The manager was shocked after the aggressive and ferocious behavior of the guest. 

According to the sources, the woman had also filed a complaint about the fried rice order which she had made during the course of her order. The manager reiterated that the woman who assaulted her, came with a group of friends and when her order was served on the table, she made a complaint about the fried rice. 

Apparently, the reason behind not wanting the fried was- its worth, the woman didn’t believe that the fried rice is $10. The manager of the restaurant, Yan Lin said, “When the food comes out she says, ‘I don’t want it. It isn’t worth $10.” Lin claimed that she took the fried rice off from the table and didn’t include the order in her bill as well. But, as a part of gratitude for the servers who’re working simultaneously at the time of the novel pandemic, the manager asked for a tip that the group would give to the server. Perhaps, the woman denied and said she wouldn’t leave a single penny on the table. 

The whole thing led the woman to slap the manager and Lin said, “I couldn’t believe that just happened. It was just sudden and I was shocked. She was being crazy. I showed her transaction on the screen what the amount was! I couldn’t believe this was happening. I don’t want it happening in any other restaurant,” Lin added. 

Also, the surveillance footage has been shared with the police as a matter of evidence by the manager. 


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