Model with unibrow claims she’s mocked online, denied work every day

Models keep on trying different looks and since many people follow their fashion sense, it becomes important for them to promote the best out of the best. With a lot of hatred outside, many models have now started promoting hair growth and natural way of styling because it apparently comes down to the choices everyone likes (as all women don’t like to get shaved). Similarly, a model tried to flaunt her unibrow and unique style of promoting fashion, is now being harassed online. She also claimed that she’s not getting work due to the same reason. 

While talking to one of the media outlets,  Haylee Michalski said, “I get mocked mostly on social media sites like TikTok because of my look. People are constantly telling me that I would be ‘pretty’ if I shaved the unibrow. Some will just [send me] the razor emoji. I wanted to be one of those people who isn’t afraid of what society says about their version of beauty. People tell me that I have the McDonald’s logo sign on my forehead. Some say I look like Anthony Davis’ twin sister. I definitely get more hate than positive comments. I have been told, ‘The unibrow look is not the right look and nobody wants to book me because of it.” 

However, apart from all the trolls and unwanted advice that she has been getting from various people online or even during the time when she walks on the streets, she feels that one should be in the same look or in the attire which he/she admires or likes. She reiterated that it doesn’t matter what others think of a person she’s but she likes her unique way of unibrow and that is it. “My advice is just to do whatever makes you feel comfortable. I feel proud. I feel confident. I love my unibrow,” she said. 


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