San Diego bar manager thrashed by customer over mask policy

In a bizarre yet horrendous incident, a San Diego bar manager was thrashed and assaulted by a customer who denied complying with the social distancing norms and was trying to enter inside the bar’s premises without covering his face with a mask. 

Tony Aversa was punched hard on his nose and face as it is seen in the video that was recorded in the security camera outside the bar. While talking one of the media outlets, Tony said, “I can’t breathe out of my nose. It’s been about 9 or 10 days of swelling. Bruising has gone down a bit, but I still can’t touch my face. My cheeks are bruised, my mouth is bruised. I’m just kinda gradually starting to eat solid food again.” 

Well, doctors say that he would require a nose surgery because the bruise is almost gone but the swelling isn’t. GoFundMe is also been initiated by Felice LaVita which focuses on covering the medical costs of Aversa and paying him the lost wages. 

Also, during his chat with the news outlets, he spoke about the incidences over a simple mask-wearing policy and said, “It seems like the longer the bars, restaurants, stores, salons are staying open, the more comfortable people are getting with things being back to normal, the more issues they’re having with following these rules. It’s like the last month has gotten exponentially worse as far as people just complaining about being over it. We’re the ones forcing the rules, unfortunately. So we take the brunt of it.”

Also, Tony hasn’t got the news of the persons being arrested and he also claimed that not enforcing and adhering to the social distancing rule can cost huge to an establishment and it can jeopardize the whole establishment if it is a bar or restaurant. Hence, they take it more seriously for their staff and public safety. 


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