Struggles of a Single Parent in Today’s World

Even though single parenting might sound intriguing, not many people choose it deliberately. Sometimes, it’s the situations that lead to it i.e. breaking up, splitting, or divorce while sometimes it is unexpected as in one of the parents passing away. In either of the cases, if the parent with the custody of the children doesn’t want to partner again with someone or remarry, then they have to look after the finances as well as taking care of children.

Being a single parent affects adults very much. It affects their social life, career, behavior, health, and everything else you could think of. Single parents get completely drained just by focusing on either their career or the children. Once they start to juggle between both, it gets very stressful and starts affecting children as well.

The children suffer from the severe trauma of being separated or losing a parent as well. Parents play a huge part in character development and lack of a parental figure often leads them away from their ambitions and objectives. Their social behavior is deeply impacted as well and grades of children with a single parent often are seen to go down rather than improving.

Many children with single parents are affected by depression, anxiety, and loneliness as well. Although there could be other reasons that would trigger such problems, lack of a parental could make kids prone to these as well.

On the other hand, kids who live with single mothers often face issues with having meals and getting enough nutrition as well. That is because mothers often juggle between work and home and can’t either of them their full attention. Although it is not intentional, it makes children feel like they’re not worth the parental love and often stays physically sick as well.

Divorced, split up, or broken-up parents have visitation and custody problems as well. The children can’t stay with either of them for a long time and have to keep going back and forth from one parent to another. It affects their personality and mental health as they might feel more loved and appreciated by one parent and ignored by the other one.

Back to the parents, the parents go through extreme guilt as well. As being a single parent, he or she would always think that they’re not doing enough for the children and drain themselves out completely. The single status is a personal decision for many single parents and they live in the guilt of it later on. It is recommended for them to move on and try to make their lives better for the future.

Instead of draining themselves out, single parents should find ways to improve the quality of their lives by reaching out to organizations and foundations that help single mothers out. One such NGO is the Randolph Foundation.

It was founded in 2008 by Richard J. Randolph III with the ambition to help people suffering from financial and emotional traumas. The targeted people are youth and single mothers. The Randolph Foundation emphasizes helping single mothers by arranging events such as fitness programs for them as well as free meals for their children and themselves as well.

They have helped hundreds of single mothers in raising their children and educating them as well. One of the biggest burdens a single parent would have to bear is the education expenses and exam preparations. Many students fail to score their desired grades because of the trauma they are going through that makes them neglect their studies.

The Randolph Foundation has helped single mothers and other youth as well to prepare for SAT exams and other kinds of exams as well. It is to ensure that the financial loop of living on the bare minimum ends with them and they lead a better life.

The Randolph Foundation’s main focus is the Metro Atlanta Area. They host many events across the Atlanta, GA community annually and also provide employment opportunities to single parents and youth as well. Other than that, they also provide job opportunities to the skilled people in the community struggling to make their ends meet. You can reach out to them for any kind of queries as well. 

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