Donald Winders
Donald Winders

With a knack for storytelling, Donald started One USA News about a year ago. Covering substantial topics under the U.S. News section, he helps information seep in deeper with creative writing and content management skills.

Antonio Fleming
Editor & Writer (Business)

As a full-time businessman and part time journalist, Antonio heads at the post of Editor at One USA News. He covers all the significant proceedings in the world of business while editing all the pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

Georgia Meyer
Writer (Technology)

Georgia is a name that comes with an epic description for technology geek. She loves decoding things that are new in the technological advancement sector. She has been contributing interesting news from technology section.

Dorothy Taylor
Writer (International News)

Dorothy's competitive spirit and flawless talent is unmatched and is much needed for a firm like One USA News. She aims to write genius articles for the portal that are based on International News.