Texas bars and venues to protest on Saturday, July 25

At a time where the world is battling with coronavirus, a group of bars and venues in Texas are posing to protest against the shutdown orders where their establishments would remain open, in a move to protest. 

According to reports, the owner of the Rail Club Line which is a music venue, Chris Polone is said to have arranged, managed, and organized the event. In an announcement of the event, the Facebook page of the Rail Club Line has also posted information which reads, “Here it is the official flyer for Freedom Fest Statewide Unified Protest July 25th, 2020 for the first time ever 51% Bars will host a statewide protest in unified defiance against Abbott’s unconstitutional bill. 51% establishments across the state of Texas will host their own Freedom Fest, open up, and host a benefit show for a charity of their choosing. Governor Abbott refuses to address this double slandered issue nor the fact that he is starving out countless Live Music Venues, Bars, VFW’s and other 51 Percenters across the state.”

While talking to one of the media houses, Polone said that public health is of utmost importance for them and reiterated, “Public health is extremely important to us. The last thing we want to do is allow a bar to participate and wave our flag if they have a 100-capacity room and they put 900 people in it.” He also claimed that this shutdown shows the ‘double standards” and stated, “What I am doing is wrong, but you can go across the street and order a beer with a burger and it’s legal. If COVID is truly that bad, shut everything down. Don’t pick and choose. I think [Abbott] understood that bars are the little guys in the service industry. We don’t have the voices and legal teams that the other guys have, but we pay more in taxes.”

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