Val Cortez’s Life Journey Can Give Goosebumps & a Dose of Inspiration to Every Youngster

Social media has led to the emergence of many digital entrepreneurs and influencers over the last few years. Val Cortez is one such person as she has portrayed her innate talent in front of the world. Born in Lima, Peru, she grew up in Buenos Aires with a passion in her mind to travel around the world.

Val Cortez has got both the beauty & the brain that she utilizes the most to proceed in her life. Popular as “val around the world”, the exotic personality has built her name as a model, entrepreneur, influencer, and a social media rising star.

All that she has achieved to date is a result of her strong willpower, risk-taking ability, and her willingness to pursue her passion irrespective of adverse situations. Initially, Val confronted strong criticism on social media as people tried to shut her voice with their negative comments full of hate.

However, Val decided to ignore all that and started pursuing her dreams with dedication. She starter her journey as a businesswoman with her eyelash extension salon. Val managed to expand it successfully and she started enjoying many clients.

The multi-faceted personality also participated in the Latino-American Lash Convention in Buenos Aires and grabbed the first prize. Any other woman might have found it difficult to pursue her passion for traveling the world when everything was going well.

But Val Cortez’s perspective was different as she started using the Instagram app to live stream to connect with more people. She knew that running her eyelash salon will not give her sufficient time to explore the world. So, she decided to take a risk and she slowly started getting an increase in her followers.

In 2019, Val Cortez had got only 12K followers but this figure stands at 971k at the time of writing this. Val gives details of her lifestyle and travel adventures to her audience on Instagram. Really, Val’s story could inspire anyone to chase the dream life that one wants to live.



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