Woman sheds 70 pounds after her ex-boyfriend’s body-shaming comments

A woman named, Miriam Blanco, 33 was ditched by her ex-boyfriend because according to him, she was too fat to be dated. Well, body-shaming is not at all appreciated in any form and to give a befitting reply to her ex, and to gain that confidence back, Miriam lost 70 pounds. 

“I had an ex that would always tell me no one wants to end up with someone fat and that I was lucky he was even sticking around. I remember that stuck with me for a long time — sometimes it still gets to me. After he left, I was a depressed single mother of two,” Miriam told one of the news outlets. 

Also, she claimed that she had such a low-esteem that she used to tell her husband that she wouldn’t mind if he would date any other woman. “I hated how I looked. I had very low self-esteem. I used to tell my husband if he left me for another woman I wouldn’t be angry because I knew he could do better than me.” 

Well, she reiterated that she had back pain and as soon as she started working out with her husband, her pain and the extra-weight went in vain and she started to feel more confident about herself and the things around. “My husband said everyone is here for the same reason as you are. Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves. There is no magic pill, there’s no magic anything that will make you lose weight. It’s called ‘working out’ for a reason. Hard work and dedication get you to where you want. Stop listening to others and get your s— together, and work your a– off… You are doing it for you, not for others,” she said. 

Blanco also mentioned that her kids are eating healthy now and she’s honored to influence others as well to take up the healthier way and feel confident about themselves.

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